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Ladder updates

Andrew's Top Ten Ladder:  This term we played for the  Luigi Christmas  Hamper from Luigis fabulous Deli on the Fulham Road . The winner is the player whose best ten duplicate scores total the highest. - The highest scorer who has not played with Andrew before, wins a game with Andrew.

  • Luigi's Christmas Hamper: Kerrick Macafee
  • Game with Andrew: Pat Thomas

Luigi Ladder:  NOT AWARDED AUTUMN 2018 - SEE ABOVE  Luigi has for over twenty years donated the prize to the person who does best in ARBC daytime duplicates. Everyone keen to win some goodies of their choice from Luigis fabulous Deli.

  • Holder: Nicky Cannon-Brookes
  • 2nd place: Luigi Molinaro

Stocken Cup: Is awarded to the evening duplicates ladder winner. It is named after Peter Stocken and the Stocken family, who have helped shape the club in  it's formative years.

  • Holder - Mark Nelson

Susan Hampshire Salver: Friday night's popular Chicago is hosted by Paddy. The Susan Hampshire Salver is awarded to the player who has scored the most aggregate points.


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