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Answer #45

Three possible hands are given for South, but only one is consistent with their bidding. Which one? What would the others hands have bid differently? Both non-vulnerable.

North   East   South   West
2 ♠

Hand a)
♠ A J 8 2
A K 7 5 2
7 2
 4 2
Hand b)
♠ A K J 7
A J 6 5 3 2
Q 2
Hand c)
♠ A Q 7 4 2
A K J 6 2
 5 4


b) is correct.

  • Partner has denied four spades, but 2 is still a good bid with Hand (b). The bid is “semi-forcing”, meaning partner will only pass with a very misfitting minimum. 2 is the best description of your hand. You’ll hope to follow with 3 to show your 4-6 shape and let partner judge.
  • With Hand (a), you should pass 1NT. Not ideal, but 2 is getting you nowhere, because you cannot have a fit.
  • With Hand(c), you should have opened 1. See the Beginner Corner for why. Bidding 1 then 2 100% guarantees more hearts than spades. 
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