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To help you enjoy your bridgebase ('BBO') games, some answers to commonly asked questions are given below.



Undos in the auction (the digital equivalent of a mechanical error) are
perfectly fine if you’ve misclicked and partner hasn’t bid (routine - see Law 25A2).
Undos in the play might, or might not, be randomly allowed by very
generous opponents but this would be exceptional.

Alerts and Conventions


You should describe your basic system and carding at the start of each round (and say "Hi"!).

The normal procedure on bridgebase to self-alert your own bids, by clicking the alert tab before you make a bid and typing an explanation - this explanation can be seen by your opponents but not by partner, which is why this is preferred to typing explanations in the chat.  A video demonstrating this in action is here.   

To dismiss a pop-up explanation from your screen click the white area at the top of it.

Video Hints and Tips


A playlist with further helpful hints and tips to help you enjoy your BBO game is available here.



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