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Full joining instructions

We are very excited to be able to offer online supervised play with live video streaming of participents.

To to this we are piloting "RealBridge Ltd" new developed software. Although "RealBridge" features an intuative and easy to use interface, please take a moment to read this instruction sheet. 

RealBridge works best with:

  • A laptop with Chrome/Firfox/Safari (which has a built in webcam)
  • A Computer with a webcam , using Chrome/Firefox/Safari

To find out what other computing device to use please see here

All Andrew Robson online sessions.

In the calendar below, select session you wish to play in, then click the link to join.

Then please input:

  • your full name (to avoid duplicate names), 
  • your email address under "id number", as shown in the blue ring above.
  • and make sure you can see yourself in the image with the "green" blob above. (Camtest).
  • Then press login . 
  • Payment: you will be invoiced by email, weekly in arrears.

Please note links to the game only "go live" 15 minutes before start time.




To join o

Please input your full name (to avoid duplicate names), and input your email address under "id number"and make sure you can see yourself in the camera. Then press login . 

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