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ANswer 58

Three possible hands are given for South but only one is consistent with bidding. Which one? What should the other iands have bid? Neither side is vulnerable

North   East   South   West


Hand a)
♠ A J 9 6 2
K 8
Q 10 8 2
K 3
Hand b)
♠ Q 4 2
K J 2
K J 2
K 8 4 2
Hand c)
♠ K J 10
Q J 10
A J 10 9 3
10 8

(c) is correct.
  • The question is whether to accept partner’s invitation to 3NT. 
  • First of all, Hand A is a non-starter. With your unbalanced hand, you’d open 1 not 1NT, preparing to rebid 2
  • Hand B is a truly dreadful 13 points, a 4333 shape with no intermediates or sequential high cards. Hurriedly pass 2NT – I’m even nervous about opening 1NT. 
  • Which brings us to Hand C. Normally with 12 points, you’d pass partner’s 2NT invitation. But this is not any old 12 points – AJ109x is worth way more than five points, and you’ve lots of sequences and all four tens: a clear acceptance of the game try.

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