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Answer 59

Three possible hands are given for South but only one is consistent with bidding. Which one? What should the other iands have bid? Neither side is vulnerable

North   East   South   West
1   Pass   4 *    

Hand a)
♠ A J 6 2
K 8 4 2
♦ 2
9 7 6 3
Hand b)
♠ Q J 4 2
A J 8 6 2
K 4 2
Hand c)
♠ K J 10 4
K Q 3
♦ 3
A K Q 3 2

(b) is correct.

I love to splinter, a double jump in a new suit. It sets trumps, shows at least game values and says something specific about the hand (shortage in the suit).
  • However, I would not splinter with Hand A because I do not have game values (close, though). I’d settle for 3 - with my eight-loser hand. 
  • And I don’t see the point of splintering with Hand C, because all I need to find out (for slam) is how many of the three missing aces (and Q) partner holds, which I can do via Blackwood (preferably Roman Key Card Blackwood). Bid 4NT straight away with Hand C
  • Which leaves Hand B as the correct answer, a classic splinter bid (and far better than 2, which does not say spades are trumps, does not show game values and does not say anything about the diamond shortage).

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