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Openers bidding stratergy

 If you open the bidding in a suit, you undertake to make a second bid - a rebid - if partner changes the suit. So be prepared! On the other hand if you open 1NT, you have described your hand so accurately to partner that you can leave further decisions to him.

This week’s South fell into the trap of opening 1 then found that he did not have a rebid after his partner responded 2♦. In desperation he rebid 2♥ but partner assumed his ♥s were far better and bid 4♥ - a contract that stood no chance whatsoever.

We replay the deal as it should have gone:  

South Deals
N-S Vul
♠ 4 2
J 7
A J 9 5 3 2
♣ A Q J
♠ K Q 9 8
A 10 8
10 8 7 6
♣ 8 4
W   E
♠ J 10 7 3
K 9 5
♣ 10 9 5 3 2
  ♠ A 6 5
Q 6 4 3 2
K 4
♣ K 7 6
West North East South
      1 N
Pass 3 N Pass Pass
3 NT by South

After South correctly opened 1NT - 12-14 points - North raised to 3NT; there was little future in bidding ♦s as game in a minor suit is tough to make.

West led ♠8 to East’s ♠10 and declarer withheld his ♠A. East continued with ♠3 to ♠6 and West’s ♠9 and declarer won his ♠A perforce on the third round. He then led ♦K, felling East’s ♦Q and led ♦4 to West’s ♦7. Reflecting that East would not have played ♦Q unless he had to, declarer placed all the remaining ♦s with West. He played ♦9 from dummy and East discarded a ♣. Declarer then led ♦AJ drawing West’s ♦108 and enjoyed ♦53 and three ♣ winners. Ten tricks.

ANDREW’S TIP: If you open the bidding in a suit, you must make a second bid if partner changes the suit.

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