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Lead low for like, lead high for hate

Lead low for like, lead high for hate

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When defending, you can send a message to partner according to the size of the card you lead. The crucial ditty is “lead low for like, lead high for hate” .
Leads of…   
Ace…………….Ten: honour leads, normally top of a sequence, showing the card below
Nine………about six: Leading high for hate cards.
About five…….two: Leading low for like.

Which card would you lead from these holdings (and I’m talking about the first round of the suit, not merely the first trick)?

  • a)    K J 5 2
  • b)    8 4 3 2
  • c)    Q J 5
  • d)     J 9 6 2

  • (a). Lead   2 – leading low for like. Note that I’m not telling you to lead a club, another issue entirely (indeed leading from  KJxx is very dangerous – potentially round to  AQ), merely which club to lead if you’ve decided to lead the suit.
    (b). Lead  8 – leading high for hate. Partner is not clairvoyant – by leading  8 you tell partner not to return the suit.
    (c). Lead  Q – top of a sequence, showing  J.
    (d). At trick one, lead 2 – leading low for like because you have a picture. However, say dummy is tabled and you are switching to this suit but have the information to know that you don’t want partner to return it; now lead  9 – telling partner not to return it.
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