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Which card to play

The typical structure of a trick is a low card led, second card low, third card high, fourth card either higher or lowest. This issue we look at plays by the third-hand. As noted, the third player should normally play high; however they should play the cheaper of touching highest cards.

Exercise:Say Hearts are trumps and partner has led 2. Dummy has three small cards and plays low. Which one do you play from these:

     ♠ 8 6 4       
West leads    North   East (you)  
Leads ♠ 2        (a) ♠ A J 5   
    West                East   (b) ♠ A K 5  
        (c) ♠ A K Q J 5  
        (d) ♠ K J 5  
    South   (e) ♠ K Q 5  

(a)    A.Third hand high.
K. Cheaper of touching highest cards.
J. When partner sees J win the trick, he can work out you have the higher spades (this is the logic of why you must win with the cheaper card).
K. Third hand high.
Q. Cheaper of the touching highest cards.

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