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Declaring Notrumps

Play like a tortoise, not like a hare. Do not rush with your aces and kings, try to promote cards into tricks that do not start as top tricks.

Plan the play in 1NT on the following deal. West leads 6

  ♠ 10 8 5 2
K 4 2
K 5
♣ A 7 4 2
W   E
  ♠ J 9 3
A 8 5 3
A 8 4 2
♣ K 6

You have six top tricks - AK, AK, AK but must not play them out, or that is all you will win, losing the last seven tricks. Instead play on spades, using the four-card sequence to force out the three higher spades. Eventually you will set up a spade trick – your seventh.

Tip: Be happy to “lose to win”.

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