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Andrew’s favourite conventions (eight)

Suppose you have prime support for the suit partner has opened, a hand good enough to go for at least game, and shortage in another suit. It seems incredible, but you can get all these factors across in one go by use of a “Splinter Bid”. A double jump in a new suit (single jump sufficient if at the four level) agrees partner’s last bid suit and shows a singleton (or void) in the bid suit. Perhaps this news will please partner sufficiently so he can go for Slam – as in this week’s hand.

South Deals
N-S Vul
K 7 5 4
A Q J 6
J 7 4 2
J 9 8
10 8
Q 10 3 2
K Q 10 9
W   E
9 7 5 3
K J 9 6
A 6 5 3
A Q 6 3 2
K 4 2
A 7 5 4
West North East South
      1 ♠
Pass 4  Pass 4 NT
Pass 5  Pass 6 ♠
Pass Pass Pass

North’s 4  “splinter” showed the values for at least a 4 ♠ contract with shortage. South realised his s could be trumped in dummy, and so upgraded his hand. His 4 NT was “Roman Key Card Blackwood” and North’s 5  bid showed two of the five aces (counting ♠ K as and ace) with no ♠ Q.
West led ♣ K against the excellent 6 ♠ contract, and continued with ♣ 9 to ♣ A, declarer trumping. Declarer cashed  A, trumped  4, cashed ♠ K, crossed to ♠ A, trumped  5, crossed to  K, drew West’s ♠ J with ♠ Q, then led to dummy’s  AQJ, discarding  7. Note that he delayed drawing all the opposing trumps until he had trumped two s in dummy.


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