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It’s not easy!

Our third hand of the Parliamentarians versus British Ladies match, held at The House of Commons last summer, is a part-score steal by the Parliamentarian declarer. In fact it was barefaced robbery!

East Deals
N-S Vul
10 5
J 7 4 2
10 7 4 3 2
8 3
7 4 3
Q 9 5
K J 9 6
J 7 5
W   E
Q 9 6
A 8 3
K 10 9 6 2
A K J 8 2
K 10 6
8 5
A Q 4
West North East South
    1 ♣ 1 NT
Pass Pass Pass


West led ♣ 5 to East’s ♣ K and ♣ A and the Parliamentarian declarer could count six tricks after losing to ♠ Q (four ♠s and two ♣s). Can you see how he managed to pinch a seventh trick?
Put yourself in East’s position. Can you honestly say that you would win  K if led by declarer early in the play? It would look for all the world as though declarer has  KQx and that winning  A immediately would give away the whole suit.
Suffice it to say that at trick two declarer advanced  K and East ducked his  A. Having stolen a trick with  K, declarer swiftly switched tacks, leading ♠ 2 to dummy’s ♠ 10. East won ♠ Q and played a second ♣. Declarer won ♣ Q and cashed his four remaining ♠s. Seven tricks.

ANDREW’S TIP: Defending is not easy! Bear that in mind when declaring – try to create the impression that you own a different hand to the one you actually possess.

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