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Answer 43

Three possible hands are given for South, but only one is consistent with their bids. Which one? What would the others hands have bid differently? Neither side is vulnerable.

North   East   South   West
2 NT

Hand a)
♠ A J 8
4 2
A J 2
A K 9 4 2
Hand b)
♠ A J 2
Q 2
A 6 2
K J 6 3 2
Hand c)
♠ K J 3
Q J 2
K 4
A J 7 4 2


a) is correct.
  • South’s 2NT rebid shows 17-18, just as it would have done if East had not intervened. You must not be pushed to bid 2NT with 15-16, when you were planning to rebid 2NT. Hand (a) is textbook.
  • Hand (b), a classic 1NT rebid, simply has to make a disciplined pass – partner is still there.
  • Hand (c) might also pass, but there is much to recommend manufacturing a bid of 2 - I doubt partner will be disappointed with your hand, despite the lack of a fourth heart.

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