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Answer #51

Three possible hands are given for South but only one is consistent with bidding. Which one? What should the other iands have bid? Neither side is vulnerable

North   East   South   West

Hand a)
♠ Q 4 2
 3 2
K J 7 3 2
J 6 3
Hand b)
♠ J 4
Q 8 7
A 10 8 2
J 9 4 2
Hand c)
♠ Q 9 2
J 9 2
A K 3 2
 9 4 2


(b) is correct.

  • With Hand (a), you are better raising 1 to 2 straight away rather than responding 1NT. You would only respond 1NT with three cards in the major if they were three small cards in a very flat hand.
  • With Hand (c), you are good enough, ten points, to respond 2. Your 1NT response was wrong.
  • Hand (b) is correct. Your 2 is a preference bid, not a support bid, typically with a doubleton. There are two good reasons for preferring 2 to passing 2 (i) a 5-2 fit is easier to declare than a 4-3 fit; (ii) bidding (rather than passing) gives partner another bid, should partner have a good hand.
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