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Answer #52

Three possible hands are given for South but only one is consistent with bidding. Which one? What should the other iands have bid? Neither side is vulnerable

North   East   South   West

Hand a)
♠ A J 7 4 2
K J 2
K 3
Hand b)
♠ K Q J 3 2
A Q 4 2
K J 10
Hand c)
♠ A K J 7 5 3
8 5 3 2
A Q 2


(b) is correct.

  • With Hand (a), you are better doubling 4 - for penalty. Your hand, particularly your KQJ, are far better suited to defence. You expect a tidy penalty defending 4 with 4 far from sure to make.
  • Hand (c) has become ginormous, with the four small hearts now known to be facing a singleton or void. You’re far too strong to settle for a mere 4 - I like a direct jump to 6, as you need so little opposite (eg K) to make slam good.
  • Hand (b) is correct. 4 is not guaranteed to be the winning action – it may be that neither 4 nor 4 makes and you are better defending. But your 5431 shape with the offensive KQJxx make 4 the percentage action.

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