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Defence Quiz - It’s your turn?

This quiz is taken from Andrew's Defence course (which Andrew is teaching at our Parsons Green Club on the weekend of the 6th-7th November, perfect for those who enjoy Andrew's Intermediate BridgeCasts details here).

South Deals
Both Vul
A K 4
9 5 2
6 4
K Q J 9 2
J 8 7 5
A Q 4
J 8 7 5 2
W   E
West North East South
      1 N
Pass 3 N All pass  
3 N by South
Lead:  5


No point in North mentioning clubs, N-S sail into 3 NT.

West leads  5 to  10 and declarer wins with (say)  K. At Trick two declarer leads  10. West wins  A.

What should West lead to the next trick? Email us at

Answer next Thursday, first three correct answers out of our "hat" will get a copy of Andrew's "Bridge Lessons: Defence" booklet.


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