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Defence Answer - Its your turn?

Andrew teaches his Defence course next weekend (6-7 November) at his Parsons Green Club, you can see full details/book here. This quiz was taken from that course.

Congratuations to the first three correct answers out of our "hat":

  • Marina Evans,
  • Andrew McIndoe &
  • Vassilios Vareldzis.

They each win a copy of Andrew's Defence Booklet.

Here is the answers to Monday's Defence quiz.

South Deals
Both Vul
A K 4
9 5 2
6 4
K Q J 9 2
J 8 7 5
A Q 4
J 8 7 5 2
W   E
10 3 2
K 8 6 3
10 3
8 7 4 3
Q 9 6
J 10 7
A K Q 9
10 6 5
West North East South
      1 N
Pass 3 N All pass  
3 N by South
Lead:  5

No point in North mentioning clubs, N-S sail into 3 NT.

West leads  5 to  10 and declarer wins with (say)  K. At Trick two he leads  10. West wins  A and can count that, as soon as he regains the lead, declarer has nine tricks in three suits:  AK on view,  AKQ (Trick One told him that East's highest diamond was  10 marking declarer with  AKQ - and  9 too) and four clubs. West's only hope is to take four quick heart tricks, so he switches to  A. East signals with  8 (throw high means aye), so West follows with  Q (top from two remaining to unblock) then  4. East wins  K and cashes  6. Down one.

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