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Considering Responders Rebid

We are considering the fourth bid of an uncontested auction, the responder’s rebid. Opener will have rebid:
  1. Notrumps.
  2. Supported you.
  3. Repeated his suit.
  4. Bid a new suit.

Here we look at (3): how responder bids after opener has bid and repeated the same suit.

Opener has strongly implied six cards. He should strain to avoid repeating a five-card suit (opening 1 NT with 12-14 points and a 5332 shape even with a five-card major), so responder should not be frightened to support with a doubleton.Opener can also show the strength of his hand, as per the...

Opener's Six-Card Repeat Line
12*----------15 16------------19 20----------
Open One.
Repeat at
Lowest Level.
Open One.
Repeat with
a Jump.
Open Two
*Or slightly less if deemed an opener

What happened

South Deals
E-W Vul
K J 10 7
9 7 3
Q 9 8
Q 9 5
6 4
J 10 2
A 7 3
A K 8 7 4
W   E
Q 9 8 5 3 2
K J 5 2
10 6
A K Q 8 6 4
10 6 4
J 3 2
West North East South
Pass1 1  Pass 2 2
Pass 3 3 Pass 4 4
Pass Pass Pass  
  1. Suit too bare for a Two-Level overcall.
  2. Six-card suit and up to 15 points.
  3. Mistake. North knows the values for game are not present, so should not
    invite his partner to game...
  4. ...which South accepts, as he is nearly maximum for his lowest-level rebid.

West led  A against 4 , East encouraging with  10, and West continued with  K and  4 (a Suit Preference Signal for the lower ranked side-suit, diamonds). East trumped and duly returned  2. West won  A, led back to  7, to  9 and  J, and East cashed  K and continued with  5 (key play). Whether or not declarer trumped high, West’s trump holding was promoted into a trick. He did (with  Q), but West discarded.  AK failed to fell the trumps so declarer conceded down four.

What should have happened
West North East South
Pass 1  Pass 2 
Pass Pass Pass  

2  would also have failed (by two) on this devastating defence.

If you remember just one thing...
If opener repeats his suit at the lowest level, he has at most 15 pts.

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