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My Bols Tip

Some years ago a drink company sponsored bridge tips. Mine was this, 'If a preemptor leads his suit, play him for a singleton trump'.
The most common shape for a (three­ level) preemptor is 7321 (about four times as common as 7222). He'll presumably lead his singleton - unless it's in trumps.

Exercise: Make 4  after West opens 3  then leads A and another.

K J 5 4
K 5
7 6 5
W   E
A 10 8 6
Q 8
A 4 2
10 9 7 2

Win  K and, playing West for a singleton spade, cash  K. Assuming West follows low,
continue with  J, playing East for  Q97x. Say East covers  J with  Q. You win  A as West
discards. You cross to  A, lead 4  to ( 7 and)  8, cash  10 felling  9 and run minor-suit winners. Game made.

On our main deal (below), West's  Q opening lead tells you a huge amount. Within the spade suit, he would not lead from  A, so East has  A; and moreover with West having seven spades, East's  A is bare. Further, West chose to lead a spade rather than the singleton that most hands with seven-card suits contain: he probably has a singleton trump.

The first move is to play dummy's  4, expecting East's  A to 'beat air'. It duly does and East follows with  AK then a hopeful  Q. You ruff and must negotiate trumps for no loser.

West Deals
None Vul
K 4
J 4 2
8 5 3 2
Q J 10 9 8 7 3
10 4
10 6 4
W   E
Q 10 8 6
9 7 5 2
A K Q 9
6 5 2
A K 9 7 5
8 6 3
J 7
West North East South
3 1 Dbl2 Pass 4 
Pass Pass Pass  
  1. Weak hand (err yes) with a decent seven-card suit.
  2. Take-out, but (very) marginal. North is asking partner to bid at the four-level holding a weak notrump hand without four cards in the other major. Dubious - but at least partner will have a good idea of the opposing hands from the bidding.

Playing West for a singleton heart, the best way to broach the suit is to cross to dummy and run  J. This will be successful unless West's singleton is  Q: ie four times out of five.

You lead to  A and advance  J. East covers with  Q and you win  K, West following with  3. You cross to  K and lead  2, covering East's  6 with  7, as expected West discarding. You cross to  Q lead  4 to  8 and  9, cash  A felling  10, then cross to  K to dump  6 on  J. 10 tricks and game made. 

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