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Respond the cheaper of four card suits

Without support for opener, responder should plan to bid their longest suit at the lowest level.

With two+ four-card suits, responder should bid the cheaper, ensuring that no fit gets missed. You won't bid the other four-card suit, but if partner doesn't either then there won't be a fit.

With two five-card suits (far less frequent), things are different, because you do intend to bid your other five-card suit. Much like as opener, it is better to bid the higher-ranking five-card suit first, expecting to finish the two-­stage operation (ie after bidding your second suit) more economically.

Exercise: What should these hands respond to (a) 1 (b) 1?

Hand i) Hand ii) Hand iii)
♠ K 9 8 2
J 3
Q 8 42
8 3 2
♠ A J 7 6 3
♥ Q 7
♦ K J 8 6 4
♣ 2
♠ J 9 8 2
4 3
♦ K J 4 3 2
♣ J 6

Hand (i): (a). Respond 1, cheaper of fours. (b). Respond 1, the cheaper suit to introduce over partner's 1. Note that 'cheaper' does not mean 'lower ranked'; it means the suit you get to first as you work up from partner's bid.

Hand (ii): (a) and (b): Respond 1, 'high fives'. Bid the higher-ranking of two five-card suits whether opening, responding or overcalling.

Hand (iii): (a). Respond 1: longest suit at lowest level. (b): Respond 1 because you have insufficient to respond a new suit at the two-level. 
North Deals
None Vul
A 2
K 6 4 2
A J 10 7 6 3
K Q 8 7
Q 9 8 7 6
J 9 5
W   E
10 9 6 5
K J 10
10 8
Q 9 8 5
J 4 3
A 5 4 2
A Q 7 3
K 2
West North East South
  1  Pass 1 1
Pass 3  Pass 6 2
Pass Pass Pass  
  1. Cheaper of fours. If South erroneously responds 1 or, worse still, leaps in notrumps, then it is almost certain N-S will settle in 3 NT which, if West leads a heart, will likely fail.
  2. South might be more scientific here, but the point is that South's hand is GREAT (so that if he did have just one bid, 6 is the value of his hand facing jump support). Of South's 14 points, only one, J, is of dubious value. The others are the ace-queen of trumps - dearly huge, the ace of hearts and, almost best of all, the ginormous king of partner's clubs.

Declarer - in 6  - beat  K lead with dummy's  A and drew trumps in three rounds. He cashed  K, crossed to  A (West discarding), then led  J for a marked ruffing finesse through East's  Q9. East chose to cover  J with  Q so he ruffed, cashed  A, ruffed  2, cashed  1076 and merely gave up the last trick to West's  Q. 12 tricks and slam made.


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