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Golf quiz

Try these three of the 12 questions :

  1. You are: (a) More likely to hold 11 points than 9 (b) Less likely to hold 11 points than 9 (c) Just as likely to hold 11 points as 9.
  2. Who invented the Stayman convention? (a) Sam Stayman, (b) Jack Marx and George Rapee simultaneously across the ocean, (c) Nobody knows.
  3. You have three finesses to take. Assuming that each finesse is a 50% shot, what is the chance that at least two of them will work? (a) 25% (b) 33% (c) 50%.

Answers to Quiz:

  1. (b): the distribution is skewed because you can hold more than 20 points but not fewer than zero.
  2. (b): It all happened as WW2 broke out. Rapee gave Stayman the convention to popularise, whilst the self-effacing Marx kept it to his inner coterie of North London Acolytes.
  3. (c): The chances of more finesses working than failing is 50-50.

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