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Essential Weekend

Essential Weekend

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Essential is our most popular course, covering all basic aspects of the game. Many repeat it – and all say it was worthwhile. After Essential, give supervised gentle duplicate a try, where you’ll receive help with every bid and meet new people. Please click here for course summary

Take a complete course in a weekend. Learn by playing hands at the table – practical experience is the best way to learn and improve your game. Don’t be afraid to book on your own; the club is a great place to meet like-minded people. You’ll receive a bound booklet of course notes and illustrated examples to take away with you.

You need to be a member of the Bridge Club to take a course. However, if you wish to take part in a weekend course without joining the club for the year, then you can pay a visitor’s surcharge of £25pp per weekend.

  • The club is open at 09.30 and the course runs from 10.00-16.30 both days.
  • Includes a light buffet lunch both days.
  • This course is held at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club , SW6 4HH

You need to be a member of ARBC to play or take a course at the club. Our membership runs for a calender year and costs £65 per annum (£45 from April until the end of the year or £25 from September until the end of the year). However this is reduced to £52 if paid by standing order (click here for the form) (£36 in April, and £20 in September).  However for weekend courses you can buy temporary for this weekend only at a cost of £25.

ARBC: 31 Parsons Green Lane, London SW6 4HH
Call NOW: 0207 471 4626