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The Next Level Book
The Next Level Book

The Next Level Book

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Following on from Andrew's acclaimed Tips for Intermediates, his new book The Next Level continues your journey to Advanced and beyond. There are 36  topics: Basic Opener Strategy, Stayman, Transfers, Weak responding hands, 4th Suit Forcing, Overcalling, Take-out double, Penalty Double, Showing your shape, Finesse, Suit EstabIishment, DeIaying drawing trumps, The Lead card, Three Weak Twos, Pre-empting, Bidding big hands, Signal and Discard, Suit Preference Signal, Losing Trick Count, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Splinter bids, Trial Biding, Ace-showing cue bids, Jacoby2NT, Notrumps, Danger Hand, Elimination &Throw-in, Squeeze, More Squeeze, Negative Double, Two-suited lnterventions, Law of Total Tricks,  Tricky Leads, Quick and SIow Defence, Cheat Seat & Hand EvaIuation-Points Schmoints

each subdivided into four pages with key modern bidding theory combined with an illustrative deal per page. Please click here for the topic list

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