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The Next Level Part (iii) Dvd
The Next Level Part iii

The Next Level Part (iii) Dvd

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The Next Level with Andrew Robson, Part 3, is a 12 part educational series for 'improvers' featuring carefully constructed, stand-alone lessons from Britain’s favourite bridge teacher. The duration of Part 3 is 2hrs 16mins.#
This video can be streamed through vimeo enabling playback on computers, ipads, iphone, android phone, chromecast etc. More details here.
  1. Declaring No Trumps  [25/36]
  2. The Danger Hand [26/36]
  3. Elimination and Throw In [27/36]
  4. Squeeze [28/36]
  5. More Squeeze [29/36]
  6. Negative Double [30/36]
  7. Two Suited Interventions [31/36]
  8. Law of Total Tricks [32/36]
  9. Tricky Leads [33/36]
  10. Quick and Slow Defence [34/36]
  11. The Cheat Seat [35/36]
  12. Hand Evaluation [36/36]
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