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The Next Level Part (i) Dvd

The Next Level Part (i) Dvd

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The Next Level (i) DVd will not be dispatched until 31st January. Apologies for the delay. 

The Next Level with Andrew Robson is an educational series for 'improvers' featuring carefully constructed, stand-alone lessons from Britain’s favourite bridge teacher. Part (i) contains over two hours of detailed instruction, covering 12 complete lessons.

The entire series (1-36) series will be available in both ACOL and Strong No Trump versions. DVDs of The Next Level will be available to purchase in the new year. You can purchase The Next Level Part 1 now it contains:

  1. Modern Opener Strategy
  2. Stayman
  3. Transfers
  4. Weak Responding Hands
  5. Fourth Suit Forcing
  6. Overcalling
  7. Take-out Double
  8. Penalty Double
  9. Showing Your Shape
  10. Finesse
  11. Suit Establishment
  12. Delaying Drawing Trumps

Trailer: The Next Level with Andrew Robson from AndrewRobsonBridge on Vimeo.

This video can be streamed through vimeo enabling playback on computers, ipads, iphone, android phone, chromecast etc. More details here.

COMING SOON: Part 2 and Part 3, which complete the entire 36 part Next Level series. They feature the following topics: The Lead Card, Weak Twos, Pre-empting,Bidding Big Hands, Signal And Discard, Suit Preference Signal, Losing Trick Count, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Splinter Bids, Trial Bidding, Ace Showing Cue Bids, Jacoby 2NT, Declaring Notrumps, The Danger Hand, Elimination & Throw In, Squeeze, More Squeeze, Negative Double, Two Suited Interventions, Law Of Total Tricks, Tricky Leads, Quick And Slow Defence, The Cheat Seat & Hand Evaluation.

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